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Whether you are looking for a simple voice-over, or the next Bohemian Rhapsody - we can get you there.  We think you'll find our rates pretty hard to beat for the quality you'll get.

STUDIO TIME: $50 per hour (Engineer incl.)

This is the basic rate for tracking and editing.  It also gets you access to most of our in-house instruments (although we may ask that you buys strings or other basic accessories).

MIXING: Call for a Quote

Want that "Radio Ready" sound?  That's what we do!!  Our clients regularly have airplay all over the world.  Contact us for a quote today.

MASTERING: $30 per song

Mastering - that final bit of "fairy dust" that takes a song from good to radio ready.  In short, this is the last process of recording that makes an album or single ready for sale in all formats.  We offer mastering in-house, but if you really want the best, ask about our preferred mastering studio, Nettleingham Audio.

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Call for a Quote

We've always said that if Sting and Paul McCartney still need producers, then everyone needs a producer!!  It's that outside perspective that helps guide a song to it's fullest potential.  Our in-house producers have over 500 albums to their credit - in pretty much all genres.  With credits ranging all the way up to Billboard Top 20, we have the expertise to help you realize your sonic dreams.  Feel free to arrange a pre-production meeting to help us get a feel for your personal goals for your project, then let us help you exceed your own expectations.

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